Sandy's Group

The Sandy’s Group have been operating for the past 4 years opening a variety of bars in and around Oxfordshire. Our aim was to bring something unique to the area with live music venues, wine bars and cocktail bars being our stand out performers. Along with our sister company The Oxford Wine Company we aim to bring the clientele of the Home Counties something other than just a regular bar or pub but rather somewhere with personality, something to connect to and more important somewhere to come back to where you feel welcome. Our quality of product, staff and service is unrivalled in the area and as such we have started moving our boundaries. With bars opened in London both in permanent sites in Chelsea and Kensington and pop ups in Covent Garden we are ever expanding into the capital. Our experts consult with new developments such as Jukeboxers, a new duelling piano bar concept, in Birmingham opening this year.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to bring our level of quality and uniqueness to other small and large cities across the UK and even try to explore having high quality bars in smaller market towns that usually lack the quality that they deserve. Permanent Bars, Temporary Spaces, Pop Ups, Events and Consultancy are what makes The Sandy’s Group such a diverse hospitality business. We are a modern, young company that like to explore every aspect of hospitality…our latest concept being a dog restaurant in London! No project is too big or small for us as we take great pleasure in creating and building a concept from paper to opening day.

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