VIND Wine Tours

VIND is here! We are so excited to officially launch VIND, the wine tourism platform helping you find and experience wineries, worldwide. The idea behind VIND emerged when on holiday in France a couple of years ago. Our founder, Will Sandbach, one of the Sandy’s brothers, wanted to go for a tasting whilst in French wine country - as we are in the wine business and even he couldn't find a vineyard to have a lunch or a tasting at! Nothing really existed to help your average person find and experience wineries, apart from package 'wine holidays'. And so, after months of brainstorming and research, VIND was born. Check out our website, explore the map, dive into articles in the Journal, and start looking forward to the days when we can all safely travel again!

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We’re always looking for new opportunities to collaborate, please get in touch and one of our partners will contact you about starting the proposal process.

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